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Things to consider for a first-time manager

Being in a management role for the first time can be challenging. Watch Prof. Ventak Iyer speak about the things to consider for a first- time manager!

Focus- Path to Excellence and Effectiveness

The key elements to be proficient in life are excellence and effectiveness! The topic "Focus- Path to Excellence and Effectiveness" by Prof. Venkat Iyer will help you decode the secret to leading a successful life!

Introduce Positive Habits at the Workplace

Developing good habits at work goes a long way! Prof. Venkat Iyer will walk you through “Introduce Positive Habits at the Workplace.

Introduce Positive Habits at the Workplace -2

Developing good habits at work goes a long way! Prof. Venkat Iyer will walk you through “Introduce Positive Habits at the Workplace.

Make your interviews the gateway to a great career

Want to crack that interview & get the job you desire? Prof. Dr Deepak Bhatacharya will tell you how to "Make your interviews the gateway to a great career.

Make your interviews the gateway to a great career - 2

Want to crack that interview & get the job you desire? Prof. Dr Deepak Bhatacharya will tell you how to "Make your interviews the gateway to a great career.

Growth Opportunities in Cashless, Digital Markets

While we progress towards becoming a cashless economy, Prof. Dr Deepak Bhattacharya is here to tell us about the “Growth Opportunities in Cashless, Digital Markets.

5 keys to crisis management.

The secret of crisis management is not good vs. bad, it’s preventing bad from getting worse.” Prof. Dr Deepak Bhattacharya will walk you through “5 keys to crisis management.

Connecting The Dots

The tools to lead a successful life is in your hands. Don’t miss watching “Connecting the Dots” by Prof. Venkat Iyer to help you connect the past, present and future events of your live!

A case study on Amazon Prime

Exclusive access to movies, TV shows, ad-free music, Kindle books, original audio series and unlimited photo storage are some of the distinct advantages Amazon is offering its prime shoppers.

Middle Managers- Choices and Challenges

When you’re new to the corporate world, you slowly learn the rules and climb up the ladder. This beneficial talk by Prof. Venkat Iyer discusses the choices and challenges that Middle Managers face as they navigate their path to accomplish their ambitions

Marketing Your Brand On Digital Platforms

Digital Marketing can be quite complicated for the uninitiated, but navigating this uncertain terrain becomes easy once you grasp the fundamentals of marketing and advertising from a digital marketing standpoint. Mr. Sanjay Shetty in his Facebook live session explains how digital will help take marketing to a new level!

Relationship Management at Workplace

Your relationship with your colleagues can define as much as 95% of your professional success. Watch to learn the art of relationship management at work by Prof. Dr. Deepak Bhattacharya

Art and Science of Creating First Impressions

Career or social life, it's important to know how to create a good first impression. Watch Ms. Pallavi Datt talk about the " Art and Science of creating First Impressions

Networking - An Essential Art For Success

Networking is important for a successful career. Watch Varsha Chitnis talk about the essence of successful networking.

The Art of Making People Listen To You

Have you ever felt like you're talking, but nobody is listening? Pallavi Datt is here to teach you the ‘Art of making people listen to you

Group Dynamics - Opportunities & Challenges

Poor group dynamics can undermine productivity. Prof. Venkat Iyer is here to talk to you about 'Group Dynamics - Opportunities & Challenges'!

Continuous Learning For A Great Career

Skills development is an essential part of a person's professional development. Watch Prof. Varsha Chitnis talk about 'Continuous learning for a great career

How to build excellent interpersonal skills

It’s essential for a good communicator to build interpersonal skills. Pallavi Datt is here to discuss the same.

Way out of the quicksand - A quick guide to getting unstuck

We all get in trouble sometime or the other. Varsha Chitnis discusses some quick ways to jog yourselves out of the quicksand effect.

Snapdeal - A complex case study

Prof. Deepak Bhattacharya is here to discuss the growth story of India's one of the largest e-commerce shopping website.

3 Personal Attributes to be an Effective Global Leader

Prof.Venkat Iyer is here to discuss the 3 personal attributes of an effective global leader.

Professional Style Scale and Business Etiquettes

Grooming and good business etiquette is a must for every executive. Ms. Tara Singh joined us live to discuss 'Professional Style Scale and Business Etiquettes'.

Ready - Aim - Goal for it

Do you always end up setting goals that you find difficult to achieve? Ms Clarissa Jathanna joined us live on 22 nd June to talk about setting and achieving goals.

Art of genuine appreciation vs Insincere flattery

Tara Singh joined us on 6th July to explain the art of genuine appreciation in contrast to insincere flattery.

Internalisation - A step towards success

Internalisation of learning is the 1st step to success. Rahul Shah joined us LIVE on 13th July to discuss internalisation.

Empower the negotiator in you

Ms. Pallavi Bhatt joined us LIVE on 27th July to teach you to 'Empower the negotiator in you'.

Case study on Aggressive Marketing - Reliance Jio

Prof. Deepak Bhattacharya joined us live on 3 rd August to discuss a case study on ‘Aggressive marketing done by Relianc Jio’.

Redesign Your Life

Learn how the power of beliefs can help shape your life. Ms Pallavi Datt joined us live on 10th August to talk about redesigning your life.

Seeking Change

Prof Varsha Chitnis joined us LIVE on 24th August to talk about how people and organisations can sustain themselves by thriving on change.

Disruptive Innovation - Reality, Challenges, Pathways

When challenges arise, three pillars of an organisation, i.e. People, Process and Technology are put to stress. Prof. Venkat Iyer joined us LIVE on 7th September to talk about Disruptive Innovation in an organisation.

Programming your mind for Self-confidence

Self-confidence is an inside-out process. Ms Pallavi Datt joined us LIVE on 14th September to talk about Programming your mind for Self-confidence.

Key Drivers of Employee Engagement

Today’s global workforce has engagement needs beyond money & promotions. Ms. Tara Singh joined us LIVE on 25th September as she discussed 'Key Drivers of Employee Engagement'.

Frugal Innovation - A change in perspective management

Dr Rahul Shah joined us live on 5th October to discuss 'Frugal Innovation- A change in perspective management'.

Transform Yourself

Start your journey towards self- transformation! Prof Varsha Chitnis joined us LIVE on 12th October to teach you to 'Transform Yourself' and become more valuable to your organisation.

Accelerate your progress using BHAG

Every person is constantly looking at accelerating their progress. Experience a new journey using BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals), a unique tested way to accelerate your progress, with Ms Pallavi Datt as she joined us LIVE on 23rd October.

Do’s and Don’ts of Professional Networking

Having a good professional network can help you to move up the ladder in your career. Dr Deepak Bhattacharya joined us LIVE on 2nd November to talk about the Do's and Don'ts of Professional Networking.

Key to motivating self and others

When you master the art of motivation, you can deal with any situation life puts you in. Ms Pallavi Datt joined us LIVE on 7th December to talk about the 'Key to motivating self and others'